Friday, June 26, 2015

My Newest Game, NUMBER ROUND-UP Is Ready for Testing

The games in this post have been moved. You'll find the latest versions of my games at the Logical Game Studio.

I've been working obsessively on this game. Lots of fun to code and (I hope) to play. Number Round-Up runs on Safari on the iPad and in most computer browsers.
It's not completely done, but I'd love to have you try it out. All critique and suggestions are welcome.

I haven't set up a form to receive reports on testing this time. But, I'd very much appreciate any response by email.

Like Marble Factory, Number Round-Up is a cooperative game for two players using one iPad (touch) or computer (keyboard  arrow keys and mouse).

Number Round-Up includes 3 activities at 4 levels.
I hope you'll try each type of game: Practice, Round-Up, Ribbons Round.
The Challenge Level (Level 4) can be customized. Click the menu button to see the customization page.

Please, first take a look at Marble Factory if you haven't already seen it.

Some concepts of sorting into sets are presented in Marble Factory which provide background to playing Number Round-Up. So, kids who have already played Marble Factory will understand much about Number Round-Up without a lot of instructions.
Please note that some usability tests of Marble Factory have shown me that several basic changes need to be made to that game and I plan to work on those soon. Meanwhile, I've incorporated those suggestions into this game.

Public thanks to my sister, Jan, who has been tirelessly testing this game for weeks.

More information for those who like reading long blogs:

Number Round-Up is the next of several games I'm working on to help kids learn logic, attributes and sets.

Because I always tried to help my young math students become logical thinkers, my first learning objectives for these games are these 3:
1. Observation of attributes, similarities and differences of things (in this case some marbles) then, in Number Round-Up moving on to the attributes, similarities and differences of numbers.
2. Introduction to set theory including cardinality, intersections and empty sets.
3. Gaining clarity in the logic terms: and, or, both, neither, not.

Number Round-Up can also provide practice in multiplication facts and factoring.

These are cooperative games and I hope that lots of thinking together and conversation between the players as they work as a team to win will enhance the learning.

The ability to customize a challenge will allow kids, teachers, parents to focus in on what needs practicing. I plan to allow multiple challenges to be saved, but currently you can only save one.
Should you come up with a challenge that you think is especially useful, I'll share those ideas around.

Thanks for your interest and for testing Number Round-Up!

 The Logical Woman

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