Friday, May 8, 2015

My Venn Diagram / Logic Game Needs Testers

Update:  Marble Factory now runs on iPad

I've been taking the next edX MIT class in the game design series. This one is "Design and Development of Games for Learning".

For this class, I've prototyped a game that will be part of a series of logic games I've been thinking through for some time.

This one is a Venn diagram game called "Marble Factory".  So far, I've coded two levels for Marble Factory.  I've worked through several prototypes, done technical testing and some play testing with classmates online. Now I'm ready for some user testing.

I want to get feedback from as many testers as I can. I plan to make adjustments to the game based on that feedback. Then, I'll continue with the next levels of the game.

How to test Marble Factory:

          1. Try the Marble Factory Discovery Level:

          2. Play the real game, Marble Factory Game 1: 
This game can be played by one or two players (cooperating, not competing).

          3. Most important! Give me feedback on your experience playing. Fill in this Google Form:

Please note: Due to limitations in the MIT Gameblox language, the games don't work on touchscreens yet. You'll need a mouse and keyboard to play.

What is this supposed to teach?
Because I always tried to help my young math students become logical thinkers, these are my learning objectives for this game:
1. Observation of attributes, similarities and differences of things (in this case some marbles) then, in the next game moving on to the attributes, similarities and differences of numbers.
2. Introduction to set theory including cardinality, intersections and empty sets.
3. Gaining clarity in the logic terms: and, or, both, neither, not.

I'm moving from Gameblox (MIT's game editor) to HTML5 for future iterations. And, that's where I'll be making changes based on your feedback.

In their final form, these games will be playable by two people, playing cooperatively.  The player's conversation about planning and strategy will provide powerful reinforcement for real learning.

Thanks for your interest and for testing Marble Factory!

The Logical Woman