Thursday, November 6, 2014

Introduction to Game Design

I've enrolled in an edX course from MIT called "Introduction to Game Design".
This may seem odd since I've been designing computer games since 1983 and designed classroom math games for my Taproot (free school) students years before that.
However as my son, Devin, said, "Sounds interesting. Exploration and learning fundamentals is fun! I think that when one is already naturally smart & creative few simple fundamentals can go a long way."
Fun is right! This course is challenging and thrilling. The instructors are smart and friendly and so are lots of the other participants. The assignments are clever and practical.
I've even decided on some changes to Gothic Windows based on game design theory from the course. And this is only week 2!
Speaking of Gothic Windows. I may need a deadline. I'm looking at a sort of nanowrimo for programmers.
So you don't believe my first game was published in 1983? Check out this magazine article:

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So when will we see you streaming on Twitch?