Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Now Go Make Something Amazing -- Simon Sarris

I'm coding my new project, Gothic Windows, in HTML5. As usual, I'm not using any editor or authoring system or even loading special libraries (so far).
I'm old school.
I plan to thank people and Websites that have helped me directly or indirectly.
Thank you #1 goes to Simon Sarris
Here are some comment lines from his HTML5 canvas shapes code, which was a great tutorial for me on canvas, animation and even object oriented programming.
// By Simon Sarris
// Free to use and distribute at will
// So long as you are nice to people, etc
// Now go make something amazing!
That last line inspired me. And I did make an amazing HTML5 interactive mapping program, with database for a client.  At least I amazed myself.
Next I hope to amaze others.
Simon's JavaScript methods guided my work on Fleximap and now on Gothic Windows.
So, thank you, Simon.
And, thanks for your kind attention.